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Just the Tips



Go directly to streamers minus processing fees and overhead. Some streamers also put a % into a fund for helping other gamers and the community.


All tips are final and can not be returned. Please make sure you are sure which tip you want. No REFUNDS.

If you have a problem please reach out to us at jb@dontpanic.biz or in the support forum.

Why a Paywall? Fee?

Sadly, Youtube, Facebook, IG, and the media hate gamers, cannabis users, honest reviewers, political discord and whatever they aren't which is most of us. That brings isolation. So we started this community to help solve that isolation, you aren't alone. Come join your new community. It's small and just getting started, but with your help, it will grow and reach more. Spread the word. 

However, It also means we have to pay for our own hosting and don't want ADS! Do you? The only option is we get user support and use affilate links for stuff we already buy.


If everyone puts in a little, uses the links and spreads the word it goes a long way. Most plans have the same access pay what you can. 


Simply don't be an ass! We have a wall to keep out the riffraff, be peaceful, graceful, patient and kind. 



However, this is a virtual world and don't be offended when someone talks about your fictional virtual mom. It's all in good fun but damn is she fuggly. 


But really offense is your problem take it somewhere else SWJ FREE ZONE! 


If you have a harassment issue please reach out to the admins, moderators or elders.

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All characters and events on this site and in any content even those based on real people are entirely fictional. Impersonated, badly. The following content contains coarse language and due to its content, it should not be viewed by anyone.